Symbols Legend: (♣) = Vegetarian (♠) = Spicy

@ - Mango with Sticky Rice $5.50
Steamed Sticky rice tossed with sweetened coconut milk and served with fresh mango

@ - F.B.I. $4.50
Banana wrapped with sweet sticky rice & cream cheese then deep fried to a golden brown
- FBI - Fried Banana with Ice Cream $5.50

@ - Ice Cream $2.50
Mango, Green Tea, Red Bean, Coconut and JackFruit, Vanilla and Cherry

@ - Mango Cheesecake $5.50
Smooth and creamy mango cheesecake topped with mango sauce and fresh mango

@ - Thai Snow Cone $5.50
Stuffed with any one of countless exotic tropical Thai Fruit: Red Bean, Water Chestnut, Jackfruit, Sugar Palm Nut, Rambutan, Grass Jelly, Lotus Nuts, Lychee in syrup Yummy!