Symbols Legend: (♣) = Vegetarian (♠) = Spicy

36 - Duck Rolls $8.00
Roasted duck rolls filled with sweet duck sauce wrapped in hot roti (Asian Pancake)

37 - Raram Long Song $11.50
Slice of boneless chicken breast sauteed in light yellow curry paste,surrounded with broccoli topped with Thai peanut sauce tickles the tase buds and sprinkled with crushed red onion, Spectacular!

38 - Nau - Ka - Ta (Sizzling Beef) $11.50
Special marinated top choice of beef sauteed with red & green peppers and onion served on sizzling hot iron plate, You'll be glad you did!

39 - Choo - Chee (♠) $12.50
Everything edible the sea has to offer (Shrimp, Scallop, Squid, a piece of fillet Salmon) in homemade spicy red curry with bell peppers, light coconut milk and fresh basil leaf, What more could you want in spicy seafood!

40 - Kow - Soy (♠) $11.00
Original dish from the northern part of Thailand. Tasteful golden noodles with Chicken (Shrimp add $2.00) in a perfect blend of Thai Red curry & special yellow curry mixed with light coconut soup, fresh red onion sprinkled with golden egg noodles and deep fried red onion, A Local Favorite!

41 - Thai Zap Duck (♠) $11.50
Slice boneless roasted duck toped with delicious sweet & sour sauce and fresh ginger, red - green pepper, pine apple, onion, mushroom

42 - Pla - Lad - Prik (♠) $12.50
Simple but so good,you could die for it ! A nice piece of crispy fillet salmon deep fried to perfection,Top with 2 choice of sauce
  - Chili Basil Garlic Sauce - a spicy sauce topped with crispy basil leaf
  - Yellow Curry Sauce - potatoes, carrots, red & green pepper with yellow curry sauce