Symbols Legend: (♣) = Vegetarian (♠) = Spicy

1 - Siam Dumpling $6.50
Combination of crab meat, shrimp, chicken and water chestnut wrapped in wonton skin then steamed and served with fried garlic and Thai sweet soy sauce

2 - Chicken Satays $7.00
Skewers of chicken marinated in special Thai curry, grilled and served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

3 - Vegetarian Spring Rolls (♣) $5.50
Crispy vegetable rolls stuffed with cellophane noodles, cabbage, carrot, and Thai mushrooms ( hunu ), served with sweet chili sauce

4 - Bangkok Spring Rolls ( Shrimp ) $6.50
Crispy spring rolls stuffed with shrimp,minced chicken, cellophane noodles, onion, celery, carrots, white pepper powder and thai mushroom (hunu), deep fried to a golden brown and served with sweet chili sauce

5 - Golden Triangles (♣) $4.50
Top choice of deep-fried tofu, served with crushed peanuts in sweet chili sauce

6 - Shrimp Bikini $7.50
Seasoned shrimp wrapped in a wonton skin accompanied with vegetables dipped in a tempura style,served with sweet chili sauce

7 - Garden Rolls (♣) Fresh Rolls $6.00
Fresh green leaf lettuce, carrot, cucumbers, red pepper, celery, fried tofu and egg noodles wrapped in soft rice wrapper served with sweet chili sauce and topped with crushed peanuts

8 - Thai Zap Sausage (♠) $6.50
Home made sausages mixed with ground pork, Thai spicy herbs, Thai curry, basil then grilled to a perfection

9 - Squid Lovers $7.50
Mouth watering party appetizer. Lightly battered squid leg, deep fried to golden brown and served with Thai tangy sweet & sour chili sauce

10 - Thai Zap Delight $10.00
Combination of our most popular appetizers Satay (2), Bangkok Spring Rolls (2), Siam Dumplings (2) & Garden Rolls (♣) (3)